Teofrenz is a licensed electronics engineer, aspiring expert circuit designer and firmware developer, rookie mechanical builder, and a frustrated writer, photographer, and musician. She works at Taiyo Yuden Philippines Inc. as a systems engineer 

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Hello, I’m Teofrenz Aralquez Ycot! 🙂

I’m a self-driven learner, a mixture of occasional smart, frequent typical and unclever, a sporadically resourceful and creative individual, at times a critical thinker under pressure, a procrastinator when uncreative or lost, a crammer, but still considerably a dependable introvert who can generally get tasks done independently while going the extra mile and demonstrating initiative.

I dreamt of becoming an electronics engineer (and thank God now I’m one) because I found logic gates and fiber optic concepts cool during high school, and I thought having that four letter engr prefix is cooler. Also, my father as an electronics technician and my mother having some electronics background added to the influence of that pursuit. As I progressed (college) and got to get things moving and interacting through signals, programs, circuits, and power, I realized electronics was way cooler than I’ve thought! (Happy Kiddo!) I now got engrossed in microcontrollers, PLC’s, sensors, transducers, and actuators and grabbed opportunities I could to build useful creations out from these awesome stuff. I want to pursue career paths on firmware engineering or other related fields. And since, I’ve started fancying mechanical design, as developed from my current job, maybe I should give mechatronics a shot too! I love to think of the endless possibilities and I hope with it are opportunities where I can continue my passion for software and hardware development.

Aside from gaining experience, I believe the internet, manuals, datasheets, and/or the famous F1 Help, are the best weapons for self-motivated learning.

For more information about Teofrenz’s works and extracurricular activities, navigate the website. 🙂

To prospective employer:

You may download Teofrenz’s compact resume, which may have lead you to this site anyway 😉

Or contact Teofrenz @ + 63 923 218 1985 or + 32 414 1880 , [email protected], or thru the contact form.